The C.O.R.E.

Lengthy entry today but its for a reason. I care about the mental health of my readers so for some brain exercise here’s a C.O.R.E. Math word problem for my readers (common core crap for my fellow educators) & some pain for my fellow riders:

2 trains coming from opposite directions meet at a station. Eastbound is to arrive at 6:18, westbound at 6:23. The time is now 6:24 which train was late?


All of them.

The train I’m on now/

The train on the way back later.

The train tomorrow.

The train you are gonna ride to see the tree at Rockefeller Center in 4 months.

Train to go watch the Knicks lose.

The train you are gonna take for the St Patricks day parade.

Every single train ever will be late even if it’s on time..why?

Bcuz it’s the Coporation.

Done. No partial credit for the answer. Inbox me for further details. Thanks.

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