A Counselor’s Journal

Made a lot of schedule changes the last few weeks. Student asks my coworker where a class was at. Students goes to the class and comes back and finds me like 30 mins later.

Student: ” yo mista you need to change my schedule.”

Me: ” I already did, gave you a copy too”

Student: ” No! I went to the class and took a test it’s the same class, you didn’t switch it”

Me: ” I said I already changed it, did you go to room ___?”

Student: “No I went to the other room”

Me: ” wait…. wait……you went to the wrong class and took a test?” (Laughing)

Student: ” yo shut up mista G, it’s not funny”

Me: (dying) “…..what did you get on the test?”

Student: “80.”

Me: “bwahahahahahahahahaha”

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