A Counselor’s Journal

Cannot make this stuff up:

CJ 29


“Hello everyone,

Last Friday I brought in a package of Oreos to share with my students.  I accidentally left it in my desk over the weekend, and obviously didn’t realize I’d be out of school yesterday.  Today, it is missing.

Obviously, I am NOT surprised, and, of course, it’s just some damn cookies – no big loss.  However, it’s the principal of the thing.  If you  noticed students with an entire, full-size package of Oreo cookies yesterday, please report them.  Also, if you are teaching a class and notice in and around a teacher’s work area, please ask them kindly to move away and stay clear of that area.  I keep my valuable in a locker, but it is impractical that I keep everything in there ( my lunch, food, work papers).. especially when I have to share a locker with another teacher.  It would be great if we were all on the same page in keeping kids away from teacher’s desks and chairs.

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