Chapter 35

I will say this. I am a black man. I was a black boy but I have grown in spirit, in mind and in body. The sad part is only my body is seen. As a 6’1 220lb man, I am automatically deemed as dangerous, my genetically pre-determined stature equates to level of potential damage.  My pedigree, my faith, my compassion, my education, my family and my soul are invisible on the radar of bias, prejudice, hate and bigotry.  
My ethnicity was established by God.  He saw to it to place me as such on this earth. He said that His will requires this expression of His image to be that of a black man. This makes me beautiful,  powerful, unique and priceless.  My ancestors were exploited and enslaved cast down but not destroyed, persecuted but not abandoned because the essence of who we are is pleasing to God because it comes from God and that which is of God cannot be destroyed. 
So when that which is of God is threatened, hunted, attacked and discriminated against, it is time to raise up in opposition and solidarity, not arms, and stand up and declare that this will not be tolerated. So understand the declaration of our self worth is not at the cost or discredit of the worth of others but it is in addition to the worth of the human race as we are a beautiful color in the spectrum of the God ordained human existence. 
Black Lives Matter

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