A Counselor’s Journal

While trying to explain to a student how much their music today sucks, I reached for a reliable source of quality music and cited The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,

One of the best albums ever made.

Then I realized that I was referencing an album that was released before he was born.

I just turned into my father.

I am now old .

CJ 40

This started as a reoccurring entry on social media.  So some of the comments took a life of their own and I wanted to anonymously share those because they are just that good:

Friend 1: You also realize that kids today think of it as a side chick album?

Me: We are doomed.



Friend 2: Stop! Because if your old then what am I?!?! Oh wait my kid just called me a “meanie” and said that I wasn’t cool! S*** I’m old!

Me:  We old abuela.

Friend 2: 😩😩😩Noooooooo I still want to hang on to the youthful me!!!!!



Friend 3:  The first question my daughter asks when I am listening to music with which she is not familiar: “Mommy, is [he/she] dead?” Sad.

Me: Punishment. The clapback should be quick and severe. That’s disrespectful.

Friend 3:  Lmbo! You should have heard her when I first played an LP for her. (It was “Thriller.”)

Me: Bed with no dinner.

Friend 3: I still have a few 45s in a picture frame. “This is stuff you find in a museum.” Girl, bye. Lol

Me: Adoption.

Me: I don’t have them, but if she had seen the 8 tracks…witness protection.


Friend 4: A student came in with a Supreme “old school” shirt on with a pic of Capone and Noreaga War Report on it. I didnt know whether to hug him or punch him

Me:  We warmed up to that during football. That’s like AC-DC to every football player in the 80s.

You have tenure.

Should have shown him the hands.


Friend 5:  Intern/Assistants at my office too often don’t know some of the musical / movie references me and a fellow co worker that’s our age make. Said intern then explained she was born in 1994 😱(drops mic)

Me: Fire her.

Friend 5:  I wish I could. I gave her a to do list of must listens & watch and told her to do her hw


Friend 6:  Yes, we are in fact old but that’s also poor parenting!! I just asked my kid if he knew who Lauren Hill was and he responded with “that’s the girl from the Fugees and Sister Act 2”. Lmao! #makesmeproud

Me:  That’s better than nothing.

Friend 7:  Bro, a few months ago I was preaching at my youth night and needed to make a reference to music. I brought up Carl Thomas and half of them laughed and the other half had a confused face because no one but my wife knew who he was…imagine if I would of went further back but Carl Thomas was the first thing to come to mind at the time

Me:  They clearly needed Jesus.

Friend 7:  clearly!


Friend 8: I turned into my father too. The cd changer in my car has Billy ocean and Jackson 5


Me: We’re gonna get through this.




Friend 9: It will be ok.


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