A Counselor’s Journal

Today was the early morning of a late night. We all know what happened, please keep your politics to yourself. I actually work in the inner city, East Harlem to be exact. My mornings consist of a subway to 125th street where I walk to my job and see mostly school aged kids in their school uniforms. With their friends, or alone, walking a younger sibling or sometimes with their parent. It’s a beautiful sight.

At work, however, there was the bleary-eyed staff who were still shell-shocked. We did not know what to expect to hear from our virtually 100% black and brown student population. What we did hear was students angry emotional and some in tears genuinely asking if they or their parents were going to be deported. Another expressed great concern about his older brother who drives a BMW being especially harassed by the police.

We had no answers to these questions because the election race of the last 1.5 years has done nothing but conjure up fear and pure terror. It divided us further and made the notion of the healing and reduction of racial tensions in this country a joke, a joke that no one was laughing about.

Whether or not your candidates of choice won, we all lost. The fallout is nuclear and comes on our backs at the cost of relationships, trust and love….all of these priceless. To hear that students were directly accusing the white teachers of voting for a particular candidate because they were white is disturbing. The evisceration on social media of friends is disturbing. The hypocritical narrow mindedness of people only focusing on the morals and legalism of one issue while ignoring the many issues of the many remaining views show me that we are not as wise as we think. (And on a personal note, if you didn’t vote or threw it away with a bs vote please delete yourself and your selfishness- I can’t respect that or tolerate freeloaders)

And as a Christian. Yeah this showed the hearts. The political landscape caused the true colors to come out and clearly showed of our public image and behavior as disgusting and shameful and UNBECOMING OF THE CHRIST. We are why people aren’t even making it out for Christmas and Easter. Utter disgrace.

I can go on but this is a sad day for America not because of the choice in the 45th President. It is truly sad simply because we were so desperate for our crops to grow that we cut ourselves to water the soil with our blood and can’t stop the hemorrhaging. We can only do better if we remember that we are “we”.

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