Chapter 35

The last 11 days has been something that an author couldn’t create. Oh yes, art imitates life. It has been interesting to say the least. It has also been enlightening, sad and disturbing. 
Proverbs 10:12 “Hatred stirs up strife But love covers all sins”
I am proud to be an American. An imperfect man in an imperfect country that has intentions and ideals for greatness. We still stand as the land of opportunity, people still want to come here.
The leadership of this country has transitioned and we are more outwardly divided than I’ve ever seen. Supporters and protractors. Hash tags for resistance and hash tags for the want for greatness again. People’s hearts have been laid bare and it’s violent and ugly.  On both “sides” I have seen people willingly removing restraint, discipline, compassion and love and have become publicly entangled with life’s affairs. Christians incinerating people with the very Word that is supposed to bring truth,hope,and life. 
People are waiting to pounce. Waiting for “one more time” then the full clip of anger is unleashed. 
Strife being fanned by the winds of “justified” hate. “If they talked about the previous FLOTUS why can’t I talk about the current FLOTUS?”  
Because wrong is wrong. 
All the posts and declarations and blanket statements and verbal dismemberment and articles and videos and memes and statistics does not result in us becoming any more united. The emotion is valid and understandable…..but
Hate stirs up strife. 
I remember during the aftermath of 9/11. The term “sand nigger” was floating around.  I found it amazingly offensive that people were excited to use a racial slur that is synonymous with one of worst crimes this country has committed and to attempt to justify it by mixing hate with a tweaking of context. They were proud of finally having the opportunity to use the vulgarity, like having a six pack ready to show off when the weather conditions warm to just the right temperature.
The issue is that hate is hate and strife is strife no matter what preceded it. It’s our choice.  Our manifestation by our actions. 
It is our actions ripping each other to shreds. You know your heart when you post, comment and like.  You why you do it what reactions you really are looking for.   If we cannot bring this back to respectfully disagreeing, no matter how polarizing the issues are, we will kill each other and we all lose.
I see sin, I want it covered by love. Bible says God is love. So I want God on the job. We as Christians occupy two worlds and are called to be effective in both 
This means:
I can demonstrate love by praying for a President that he stay strong in mind and body and be infused with wisdom to lead the country.
I can demonstrate love by praying for a President that he be removed from office because I believe he doesn’t represent the best interests of this country. 
I can love and still march in support of Pro-life
I can love and still march in support of Pro-Choice 
I can love and make a sign and go to the airport and lose my crap in my right to assembly and protest a particular Executive Order.
I can love and go to and counter protest at the same airport in support of a particular Executive Order.
Bottom line is whether you agree the future is bleak or promising the one thing that is inevitable is that change is coming. It is in the best interest to prepare yourself mind, body and spirit for it, particularly by watching your intake of social media and news. The emotion is real and contagious and dangerous. 
Personally I have a Star Wars feeling about things. It was heartbreaking to see my timeline, and to see people I personally know absolutely given over to that which is caustic.
I am taking that social media break for a few. I have few things to bring from thought into reality, so my social media interaction will be minimum to none.  Prayer and centering is needed. It’s too much.  My Messenger will be online, of course call/text if you have my number. I welcome conversation, especially in person, about the issues and God’s Word on the matter but I chose not participate in this melee. 
Ultimately God is in control, we just have to remember that and let Him be in control.
Be blessed y’all,  hope you got something from this.

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