The C.O.R.E 

Tale from the 6 seater. Knew I screwed up the second I sat down. Back that up, the second I decided to make the right instead of the left to the other part of the train. Homie slides in next to me, I think he’s either wearing Budweiser cologne or he’s already 3 or 4 deep. He proceeds to do that annoying leg bouncing thing which of course shakes the whole seat. A couple of death looks shot thatdown.  Next comes out the cheapest headphones on the planet so I hear the music through his buds in his ears.

Lady slides in front of me. Automatically annoyed. Homie whips out  beer # (x + y/2* ÷ z) and indulged  himself. Smells like a bottle return section of a store or a bowling alley after league play. Another dude sits down, later when he gets up for his stop use my left shoulder to help him balance. Lady in front of me made room for him to leave and proceeded  to readjust herself into a position that involved her umbrella on my shoe.

Literally as I write, beer # ♾ comes out of the bag. He’s a walking cooler who obviously spent all his money on booze instead of quality audio equipment. 

And finally my stop.
Ryde hard or stay home….I should’ve stayed home.

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