The C.O.R.E.

Stubbornness is a gift in my opinion.  Knowing that the rain was going to stop before I got to work, and it was going to be sunny in the afternoon I elected not to carry an umbrella. This led me to stand under the parking overhangs until the pain….I mean train arrived to minimize how long I stood in the soon to stop rain. Some other genius had the same idea and we engaged in conversation,  trying new stuff in 2017.  

This, however,  forced me to be out of position on the platform causing me to take suffer an L to R.O.G. and have to sit across from a happy cuffing, talking couple. This caused my breakfast to want to secede from the union with my stomach.

The take away is taking an L is unavoidable in life. In fact the word life begins with “L”so just choose the right one to take.

Clearly I should have just stood in the rain and sucked on a lemon for the vitamin C so I won’t get sick. Better than carrying an umbrella all day or sitting next to the couple from The Notebook.

Ryde hard or stay home. 

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