The C.O.R.E. 

Due to a minor derailment at Penn Station this morning 9am (no injuries reported), the subsequent railroad schedule was completely jacked up for the rest of the day. 

    Some trains were cancelled so the mix of after work people and leisure people was overwhelming. It was like a over stuffed turducken injected with vodka.

    Anyway I arrived early enough on the platform to secure a solid spot. 

    Oh yeah I’m focused.

     No headphones, not reading my book, locked in my zone. Staring at the spot that I knew the door would stop in front of me, I could feel the pulse of the entire station. Could have walked across burning obsidian rocks balancing a samurai sword on my nose. So focused.

    Train came and boom right in front of me, first in…..but no. I do something unusual. I let the gentleman next to me who stood about 13 inches too far to the left go in first. Since we were about to have the equivalent of a  double stuffed burrito ryde back with all of these zombies, I tossed him, a regular, an olive branch.  Respect for my fellow ryder.

    Apparently I am so jaded that even unconsciously I set him up. He steps in first, I’m in second, pivot and see the one seat that doesn’t suck. The 5 seater with the one with the seat that sticks out allowing me to NOT sit across from someone. Basically it was a “double-pump fake-clutch-flea-flicker-blitz-crossover-onside-ankle-snapper-armbar” move that sent him down the aisle and presumably into a wall of walkers who devoured him immediately and had me safely into my current seat.
    Didn’t know I had it in me. Oh there’s levels to this and I’m gonna find them all.

    Ryde hard or go home.

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