The C.O.R.E.

Rainy morning on the platform, umbrellas out for all. Have about 2-3 ,in before the pain bucket arrives. As I wait, I see some guy mount the platform and hear a click as he retracts his umbrella. 

Rain and 2-3 mins of waiting and homie puts his umbrella away. Not wearing a hat btw.


The nemesis R.O.G. rolls up with this massive golf umbrella,  could have shielded the entire platform. You already know I’m in the zone. Train comes up and as it slows people put their umbrellas away,  not me…why?
Because rain is still wet whether the train is on time or late or pretty much anywhere water exists on this planet.
So R.O.G. tried his wack peripheral slide move as he’s getting wet. I swag up to block,  straight dubbed that crap, while staying dry like I had  Secret deodorant on – strong enough for a man but pH balanced for whooping butt on the train. I wait until the last moment to sheath my sword, get the angle and add one more check in his L column. 
No mercy.
Ryde hard or stay home. 


  1. I commuted by LIRR for about 9 months a while ago, I have to say you have an awesome perspective on what seemed like chaos to me. I’m rooting for you!


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