The C.O.R.E. 

So we have a new player on the field.  ROG  has snatched a W here and there but his L column is stacked. I noticed this new mysterious figure while serving up ROG the other day. 

He’s………short. Designation will be STAG – Shorter than average guy.
STAG is no lie a Kevin Hart sized individual.  He likes the trail method where he mounts the platform late, scans and darts into mini crevasses using his non-superior stature. He effortlessly slides into cracks like that guy sliding into your DM ladies. Pretty much the opposite of my game where I squeeze you out like a splinter. 
Anyway, I really think ROG recruited him. STAG seems to be cut from the same cloth. Probably a pay off, maybe a contract is out on me. Either way, that squad is going down hard, no place for the nonsense with increased rates and decreased reliability  (if there ever was, literally have found out trains have been cancelled while waiting for said train).

The battle continues and I will win.
Ryde hard or stay home. 

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