The C.O.R.E.

Ish just got real on the platform this morning. This had nothing to do with me, I handed ROG his traditional Monday L, he made the mistake of lining up directly next to me, 70 lbs and 6-7  inches on him…. no chance.

We get on the train, as  I secure the win I hear “seriously? ” as some guy is bumped into and cut off by another guy wearing headphones. I will call headphones guy “Dr. Seats” as that rhymes with the name of the  brand he was wearing.  Dr. Seats, continues to barrel his 5’5″, 145lb girth down the aisle after I believe seeing him throw an elbow or a shoulder check to which the “seriously” guy shrugged off saying that “he was lucky he didn’t come down there. Plenty of seats….(profanity).”

There were literally about 20% more seats available than usual today for whatever reason. Pick your battles people. Can’t wait for tomorrow 

 Rd 2. …FIGHT! (SFII announcer voice)
Please remember
 Ryde hard or stay home. 

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