The Walk

The 40/40 Club
The number 40 shows itself in Scripture in multiple times and ways but most often in days (nights). It shows up 1st in Genesis as the number of days it rained leading to the Flood. You see it in Exodus as the number of days and nights that Moses was on the mountain. 40 days of exploration of the Promised Land by Joseph and spies which directly translated to the 40 years in the wilderness. 40 days for Elijah. And lastly is the 40 days of wilderness temptation of Jesus.

The consistency of these situations is that these 40s represented a particular time in these journeys. This time is unavoidable. This time is necessary and this time is the difference between success and failure, the difference between sustainable humility and unsustainable pride and arrogance. 

This is a time of process, proving and purging. 

The peculiar thing about this time is that it is always preceeded by a Word from God. This makes this a confusing time as it is difficult to separate purging from punishment. Questions that I’ve asked and prayed: 

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“How do I get out of this cycle? ”

“How am I supposed to be of any use when I am beaten down? I’m tired,  I’m worn out and barely holding it together.”

“Will this be worth it? What’s the takeaway? 


The answer sucks. It’s a simple one that’s equally as frustrating as it is inconclusive. 

The answer is because somewhere, some how you believed what you were told, that you were destined for greatness.

What is greatness? A life that is greater than the sum total of its parts,  one that reflects and represents something bigger than the individual and the fruits of it remains. 

The danger of greatness is that it can be independent of a moral center of truth.  Greatness includes dictators and renown criminals and corrupt politicians. Athletes with sexual exploits rivaling their sport statics. Musicians and celebrities with little to no regard of the power of their influence. Media and judges and Lawyers and police officers.  Uncles and Aunts and parents. If we are not prepared for what we are brought to we will fail and end up doing my harm than good.

Trust the process.  Being content whether full or empty. Understand that no one’s name whom you remember was famous for doing nothing. Please stay strong more than just you are dependent on the results of the process. 

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