Chapter 35

Finally got the blog up and running.  The response has been positive and very much appreciated.  That said I am still figuring out a few things and have a LOT to update into my archives but it was time.

I must say.  As I was pulling my material off of social media from the past 6.5 years to upload to the blog, I saw a lot in the way of memories.  People who have passed away who made it a point to like and comment and encourage.  Couples some who are still together, some married, some divorced.  People before having kids, people still in school now graduated, home owners.  My own journey and ups and down played out in front of me.

Snap shots of moments past.

Who we are and what we do is a quote I heard and agree with from a pastor, that is all we have. Our time and what we do with it.  Time is our gift from God and what we do with it is our gift to Him…another quote I agree with.  In short, you never know so do it but do not forget who you are.

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