The Walk

This life is not for the faint of heart. This morning is Easter morning. We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Our faith is firmly centered on this as truth and fact. Absolution of sin and redemption of life both now and in eternity.  It’s a beautiful thing to understand and believe that despite our shortcomings we are redeemed,  that we are of worth – even when our circumstances dictate otherwise. That’s called hope.
I’m not posting about that. I am moved to post about Saturday. We don’t talk about Saturday too much, the day before Easter. Not much is written if anything in the Word.  That is the day when a bunch of young kids, mostly teenagers and in their early 20s had to deal with crushing tragedy. The day prior, they watched their hero, mentor, friend and teacher die naked. They were helpless to do anything but see their captain publicly humiliated and killed on a wooden post in the shape of a the letter “t”. Spent 3.5 years following this man who cared for them and discipled them. They believed in Him and now Saturday afternoon he’s gone.
Did that time even happen?

What did it mean? 

Does it count? 

Was it real?

Why would God allow this person in my life and this experience to happen if it was to meet this tragic and inglorious end?
This is like the job you don’t get or the relationship that doesn’t work out but much worse.
Their whole identity was left bleeding and nude on a tree. The world as they knew it saw the crashing, crushing FAILURE of their investment. Their business failed and it made the front page. They too were crucified. 
What were they feeling? What were they thinking? How do you bounce back after a God ordained relationship crashes in a permanent way?

See, Easter is a celebration.  It’s a Resurrection, and return to life. Yes of course of the Christ. But Jesus nor the Father was worried. They knew what was going on from the beginning. We, however, not so much. 

My point is that it is okay to feel some way about watching a committed life reap results that we did not sow. Sometimes you gain weight when you switch to the healthy lifestyle. Doubt is natural, it’s an emotion based on perception of facts but it is not truth.

Look at your life….how many situations were so dense with tension and stress that you couldn’t see the solution. Swore you wouldn’t laugh again, was absolutely convinced that recovery was impossible,  heart broken beyond repair and the only safe place was to shut down all feelings and hope. And how many times, even after life altering events, have you been able to breathe and live again? Somehow?

That my friends is called grace. Now the grace of God is some powerful stuff, it’s the real thing. The form of godliness but denying it’s power is not necessarily evil but it is less than the authentic, organic thing. 

I don’t want a dream I want God’s dream for me, I don’t want a wife, I want God’s partner for me (holy and smoking hot). I don’t want peace, I want God’s peace for there is healing in that. I don’t want grace I want God’s grace. It’s a choice of what level you want to live at.

God’s dream and purpose for these disciples that Saturday was part of it.  Maturation was amplified,  fluff was burnt off and the truth was left.
Remember he said this? Yeah Jesus said that. “Didn’t out hearts burn within us….?”

Yeah those same boys became men and kicked all sorts if butt and turned the world upside down for the Lord. A dead dream gave them life. 

Stay in the zone, stay with God, we can’t lose.

 Be blessed and Happy Easter.

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