The C.O.R.E. 

Knew this Ryde was gonna suck more than usual before I even got withing 90 blocks of the train station.  Subway stalled out, waited it out.  Get downtown and it’s a track switch. Manage to get the three seater with the leg room and I’m as glad as this pain bucket can let me be.
 Young lady swings in opposite on the two seat side. She’s ready for a nice ryde..not a regular.  Puts her Michael Kors bag on the chair next to her, headphones inn whips out a slice of pizza and is ready to go.
I know she’s screwed but she doesn’t. 
Luggage man comes in. Bypasses an open chair and wants to maximize his rip off ticket price by utilizing that other seat. Where Michael Kors is residing. 
Ohhhhhhhhh she was pissssssssssssed.
If you felt the world stop spinning at around 3:55pm (eastern standard)  it was because this not so young anymore looking lady sent out this radioactive  infrared death beam look that would make a lightsaber look like a glow stick.

I got a tan from proximity. 

She actually looked behind her at the empty seat he bypassed and couldn’t accept it anymore than people accept that Mufasa is dead.

He doubles down and whips out a laptop, on his phone and goes to work.

Guaranteed that that pizza turned to ash in her mouth.

I of course get some too as fake power worker has a cell phone conversation right behind me. I mean he must be verbally beating the deal out of this person. Woman next to me forgot her stop and bum rushes out. No one made it stop the pain that is

The girl across from is broken.  It is in her eyes. She wasn’t ready nooooooooo.

I give this a solid 4 out of 5 broken rails.
Ryde hard or stay home. 

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