The Conductor – Race Review #2 – Terrain Race 5/6/17

Race Review: Terrain Race 5/6/17


Terrain Race NY was located at the Aviator Sports and Event Center at 3159 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234


The venue is an old airport that is no longer in use. There are some grassy areas but approximate 15-20% of the race took place on concrete runways.

Not fun.

This was my second Terrain Race, the first being last August at a different venue. It was overall a small “meat and potatoes” OCR – basic obstacles except for  their last one which was disproportionately more difficult than the rest of the course. Body count was high on that one. I elected to run the 10k as being  a heavier body type and weight  for OCR, I level out speed wise and tend to rely on obstacles to make up time on the faster runners as they get tired….if they get tired. I did well enough to qualify for the OCRWC in my age group at that race.

This year I elected for the same 10k for the same reasons and has the same result but a much different experience. The venue is not conducive to OCR courses. Last year there was a 5k and a 10k split where the 10k hit different parts of the course. This year we simply repeated the course twice.

Not fun.


Like last year we started off in a pool and I’m 100% pretty sure everyone peed. They will have to hazmat that water at the end od of the day. The timing was chip based meaning that until you crossed the starting line the time didn’t start so you could trip out of the pool, face plant and not lose time.

The obstacles were spaced out well. More challenging than last year but it was definitely a runners course – flat and not technical. I gain time on downhill sprints of which there were none.

It was a decent mix of obstacles for the 5k until we hit the runway for the last .5 miles. There it went to pure strength for 3 elements:

1. Sledgehammer tire smash- We had to beat a car tire down and back a marked off portion of say  30-35 yards total. I went hammer time on this and sent my tire everywhere. Rolled, flipped, this thing looked like a gymnast. This was of course after waiting since they only had 7 “stations “. Stronger people beat the tire everywhere, not as strong didn’t move the tire. Complete bottleneck. Not thought through. I lost at least 5 mins between both laps just waiting for a hammer and I literally felt my heart rate drop.

Not fun.

2. Tire flip – Massacre for the runners. 4 flips of a 200+ tire. I saw people get old on this during the 30 secs it took me.

3. Wreck Bag carry – Weak. I have a 50 lb wreck bag at home.  They used 35 lbs. Annoying.

Not fun.

Back down the runway, up over a wall that was signed 5k/10k. 10k was higher wall and once navigated, split off to the right for a obstacle and back for lap two. 5k to the left to the monkey bars and the finish.
Monkey bars were another beating since it had been raining the night before. Some good advice had me go sideways, there by passing two annoying guys I couldn’t pass the entire 2nd lap and coming in 9th and earning my qualification.


Overall this was a poorly run race. Volunteers were lacking in numbers and knowledge as people routinely did not complete obstacles nor were they held to do so. The difficulties of the different tracts om the obstacles weren’t marked. Having run this venue at a different race two years prior,  I knew what I was getting into but was still unimpressed.  Even for rookie OCR athletes, I would advise taking a trip out of the city and getting on a course with actual trails.

The festival area was basic. I do appreciate the free bag check. I didn’t see any hoses to wash with post race and and changing tents were small and in the middle of the area so I elected to go into the bathroom in the Avaitor Center to change.

They had a nice photo area with some elements like ropes and tires so you can pose. My pic was dope:

The medals were a step back from the previous year where they were some spinner smooth superfly stuff.  This year they are nice but not epic:

I will try to avoid the Aviator Center for races. If you race, especially the 1st race, load up the car with the family or friends,  and get out of your norm and go somewhere that you need a map to get to, you will have a better experience.

Rating: 3.5/10

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