The C.O.R.E.

We pull into the second largest train station where it’s typical for people to transfer. I’m in the magic seat, the 3:2 seater with no seat in front of me, legs stetched all the way out, just passing the time. Dude leaves and another comes in so I pull my legs in to let him pass and likewise for new dude. Homie  sitting down seems to want to half straddle the seat and have one leg in front and the other on the side which is where my legs were.
Nah son.
I slide the legs back and basically nudge him… I won’t say kick but definitely  sent the message to move your situation away from my situation and sit like a big boy at the dinner table like you were taught at home.
He gets back up to let another jabroni passed so I have to pull in again and he tries this straddle crap again.

At this point we are sitting at the station for longer than we should have been. Traditional “signal trouble” since The Corporation hasn’t updated their systems since before touch tone phones.  My headphones are on, reggae is playing simply just passing the time. An announcement comes over the loudspeaker which sounded like someone gargling ball bearings and broken glass over the phone while underwater. I try to decipher but I can’t and figure unless they wanted volunteers to push the train I wouldn’t stress it.  Straddle man, whom also has earphones in starts to mouth something and wave, I’m thinking some one behind me look and nothing but a dude wearing the same work t-shirt as him. He keeps with his sign language and I kind of just zone out until he upped the ante…

He touched my knee asking “do you know why we are stopped?”
Let me reiterate:
This chair straddling train activist touched my leg to ask me what the issue was. 
As if I am running the train.
As if I am NOT across the seat, not the aisle or the train car but across the SEAT in the same car on the same train.
As if if I wanted to ask, he could proofread this without squinting his eyes I’m so close.
What is wrong with people?
I’ll ryde hard,  he needs to stay home.

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