A Counselor’s Journal – Pronunciation 

Counseling session with a student, I’m feeling pretty good since I got some decent rest despite the foolishness I did in my race yesterday. I’m focused. When I’m with a student I will have conversation go wherever it needs to, so if it goes to actual schoolwork I end up assisting students with assignments from time to time.
Student had an English class assignment, he had to create a slideshow about “generals”. So with my student being a young black man I went to the respectable example of General Colin Powell, detailing that he was the 1st African-American Secretary of State.  Boom wikipedia. Ret. General Powell son of West Indian immigrants like my student.  
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas Internets.
This kid’s breath was gonna smell like academics when I got done feeding him.
Knowledge son. I’m lit. 
As we are talking he kept stressing about “generals” while kind of disengaged at the buffet of intellectualizations I was serving up:

(Paraphrased conversation)
Me: “What up? This is good for what you need right? ”
Student: ” Nah Mr., I need generals for my assignment. ”
Me: “wait………general-s ……..gener-als…… genderals………gender roles.  

Student: ” Yea, I was wondering why you kept showing me that guy.”
Me:  “……….Why didn’t you speak up and saying something? Because you can’t pronounce your words clearly enough for me to hear (kid is literally next to me) you have me searching for Generals AND say nothing when I got into generals?”
Student: (ridiculously sheepish smirk) “ummmmm, the assignment is for gender roles and fairness like men and women getting paid the same. I argued that I think they are fair.”
Me: (inner monologue too explicit to share)
Gears clicked.
(insert Internet magic search)
  “Do you see her, that’s Condoleezza Rice. She’s the 2nd African-American Secretary of State, he was the 1st. She succeeded him. There it is, man and woman holding the same job salary the same. Use this pic”
Smh. This is why we get summers off.


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