The C.O.R.E. – Bag of Tricks

I really don’t watch basketball until the playoffs, I’m a football guy. That said the Finals are a spectacle of athletic skill and passion. The ball handling and ankle breaking has physical therapists drooling. I was inspired today…..
If you ever see someone early morning in December or June with a big bag of snacks, they probably are an educator – we celebrate NOT seeing the kids for an extended period of time. That was me today. Big bag and umbrella.  The old dusty rival ROG wants it again today. We are lined up next to each other, train stops to his left, “lefter” than me but for some reason he goes gentleman role and lets a lady in so of course inspiration and  side step, double pivot and boom I’m in behind her in front of him. 

My seat of choice in the back was occupied but I cannot see until I’m in. So I have to triple pump fake ( I pump faked myself looking for that seat) and head back the opposite way, almost hit said lady but with the “rim” in sight do a baseline drive using my doofy, big “good bye kids” snack bag as a completely obnoxious, totally illegal, moving screen/pick/illegal contact and double up on ROG get in front of him again since he hesitated with my spectacle of athletic skill and passion.

I want to nominate my snack bag for 6th man of the year award.
Ryde hard or stay home. 

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