The C.O.R.E. – 2020

I try not to get political but in 2020 the person who can fix the problem that I am staring at will get my vote.

There is a 3 seater that is violating every rule of Man Law, Guy Code, and every thing personal space and decency. 3 guys,  jam packed like sardines. The smallest guy, to my eye, is no less than 160lbs… wait he just got up….make that 170lbs. Do some math and you have a 500+ lb 3 seater that the engineer of this contraption probably didn’t account for.

Dear 2020 candidate(s) address this issue. This should not be. These men will not have a great day because that went out the door the second they wanted to be the 3 Musketeers of the train.

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