The C.O.R.E. – Natural Selection

Natural Selection does not exist. Too many idiots exist on this earth who should not have survives this long.

My home station has two tracks. The parking lot is on the north side of the tracks but the train stops on the south track and platform. So we have to use an overpass -annoying at best but no big deal.

As we go up the stairs I see someone on my left with bad timing coming down the stairs. No less than 150 people get off the train so he’s not really moving….. to that  I say wait but again whatever.  Further up the stairs I hear some noise this lady is screaming everyone stay to your right and she’s pushing her way down the stairs. The problem is she’s on the wrong side of the stairs. She’s coming down the “up” side which is our right, her left.
In other words this ditz was screaming for a train load of people to move to the right side of the stairs as she was coming down

……..her right.  
Yes. She could not understand opposites of orientation when people face each other.
“We are on OUR right” fell on deaf or maybe earwax clogged ears.
I asked some guy:

“Did that just happen? See this is why natural selection does not exist.  She should have been gone by now. ”

Dude: “She’s barely f***ing” breathing. Entitlement.”
The end. 
Ryde hard or stay home. 

She should stay home……in the basement………with the lights off and the doors closed…….away from sharp objects……or power tools….and definitely computers…..and people… animals.

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