The C.O.R.E. – $4

Had to run an errand in the morning so going in late to work. My normal station’s parkint lot literally gets filled up after 8am. Then the parking police have a field day. Everyday.

I go to the next station east get parking and get on the train. Conductor comes down doing her job.  I take a good look….shes cute. Like hey this is unexpected cuteness on the pain train. And she’s wearing bum work clothes so it can only get better. Alright.  She passes checks my monthly overpriced  rip off tickets walks a step and comes back to me. Clearly she wants to hand over the digits without looking too thirsty.

Cutie: “Which station did you get on?”

Me: “_______ station. Why?” (She playing it cool she wants to ease into the phone number provision transaction)

Cute: “It may be a little more…”

Me: “Different zone?”

Kind of cutie: ” Yeah..hold on. (whips out calculator,  not the digits I was looking for) It’s going to be $4.”

Me: “……..” (breaks eye contact)

Not cutie: “Thank you, can I leave the receipt here?”

Me: “Sure.”
She ain’t cute no more.

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