The C.O.R.E. – No one is safe

I was just defeated by luggage. 

There are one of two trains I can take home that are within 7 mins of each other: 3:07 & 3:24pm respectfully.  Since I am a commuting genius, I know that both trains arrive at the same time but leave at their scheduled times and I also know that like zombies, people will automatically pack the 3:07 train and never notice the next train.  These are the same people who while driving, will cut you off making a turn in your lane when there’s no one behind you. Idiocy is boundless.

So as a train guru,  I wait it out and descend on the platform and find an old clunker train. Old clunkers = more seats, more magic seats  but the lights flicker off and on so good luck reading a book and don’t use the bathroom. I, with my undefeated train warrior’s mind, secure a magic seat and stretch out the legs, this is called claiming your territory. LLL#1 and #2 come in and I already know I’m screwed….btw LLL is Loud Luggage Lady. LLL’s, all sorts of spin class attire on, fixes her eyes on my 5 seater magic seat sanctuary and calls #2 and it goes to crap. More luggage than any woman could wear , bags everywhere,  no inside voice, sunburned/peeling  tattoo  selfies and the biggest piece of luggage goes on the floor in front of my legs in my space of domination. 

That’s an L for me. I’m over it.
Ryde hard or stay home.  (I had some sick days……should’ve stayed home)

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