The Walk – Real Talk

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have it for the nonsense. People who are full of crap usually steer clear of me and I am grateful for that but I encounter that unavoidable, undesirable  element in my professional life too often.  My patience for the superficial has lessened to levels that even surprise me at times.  This makes living in a world that is more superficial and more virtual than ever so difficult.  Somehow social media has absolutely nothing to do with being social and it bleeds out into real life.  If you watched the Matrix or Inception (love those movies)  we are in it…people cannot tell that they are asleep, people are dreaming and are losing all productivity and quality in living.

If you are connected with me on social media you will see a lot of what I do and like but not really know me – this is by choice. Some foolish stuff to put your life out there for public consumption…yeah you will get consumed. If you want to know me and what makes me tick, lights me up and simply know WHO I AM beyond what I can do pick up the phone or inbox me, exchange numbers and let’s get up together.

That’s the problem.  That does not seem to happen.

What should be natural is now a forced, secondary form of communication – actual conversation.

This entry is in “The Walk” rather than “Chapter 35” because I find all of this especially disturbing as a Christian.   6 years will be marked since I left the only church I knew – 25 years spent there. People watched me grow up and I watch their kids grow up the same.   A lot of those same people, Pastors and ministers alike, never once even inquired as to why I left even though my older sibling is still there.

Church can feel anything but real. We serve an invisible God utilizing invisible faith and trust in equally flawed-as-me individuals to lead. But my problems are anything but invisible. We hear encouragement from a book written 2000 years ago and put on airs, clothes, poker faces and take part in ritualistic exercises, hear what we want to hear and break out immediately after to our lives hoping for stuff to improve.
That by itself wouldn’t sell if a million dollar check was taped to it.
Even as I write this I am starting to see the parallels between my description of church and social media. The allure of social media is the glimpses it provides into basically whatever you want. A constant struggle for me is being single,  I want a quality relationship and a family but that time has not come yet. I can social media that to death looking at pictures of beautiful black couples and wish and hope for myself.  Get lost in the snapshot.  Meanwhile that beautiful couple in that perfect picture could be abusive to each other.  Church offers glimpses into a life without problems. Sermons are compromised of various versions of: God is good (He is)  You want it, you pray for it SHABANG! You got it.  All problems eliminated.

Status achieved by no one including Jesus.  But we are addicted to the snapshot.

Snapshots only fit a certain number of item into the frame at one given time.  To fit more, you lose detail. You lose quality. You lose focus. You lose vibrancy.

We have become people who are excited to lose more of what counts to get more of what does not count.  But when what counts comes at a person, when real talk happens and “not from concentrate” people come up the scatter is pretty dynamic.
I can go on indefinitely but I am writing this for me and anyone else who feels alone with wanting and actually pursuing deeper than the superficial. Being real is lonely at times and finding another “real” is harder and resisting the pull to superficiality is the hardest.  God made all of you, repentance is where we acknowledge that without the God who made us we really can’t do anything worth doing as our hearts and spirits are still disconnected. But after that relationship is reestablished with Him, we need others to help support The Walk.

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