The Walk – Fasting

Having power and manifesting power are two different things. Harnessing, gathering, focusing – all verbs – when employed are the difference between potential and actualization. As a Christian specifically, fasting is one of those verbs.

Fasting – layman’s definition is to deny one’s self of need or needs for a particular period of time and for specific reason(s). Usually it is food, but it really ends up being anything that holds a lot of your attention outside of your responsibilities. People fast from social media, television, video games, music, going out etc. So, for all of those who have fasted or will fast, let me drop a fact on you from the starting line.

Fasting has no power.

Again, for the super-spiritual people in the back of the pews or on your computer watching internet church.

Fasting has no power….in and of itself.

Every major religion/faith fasts. Muslims have Ramadan a very respected, traditional, yearly fasting for atonement usually in or around the North American summer months. Nothing ingested or drank during the sun’s life for that day, not even water. A Muslim professional athlete was covered by the news a few years ago as he was training in summer camp in the NFL while maintaining the sun up to sun down discipline of the fast. Summer training is especially brutal with the heat and intensity, but he maintained his dedication despite the potential health issues that could have come up.

Intermittent fasting is a dieting technique that people maintain a fast for roughly 2/3 of the day which encourages fat loss and a boosted metabolism. Hugh Jackman incorporated this in his preparations for his reoccuring role as Wolverine in the last few years. The results qualify “Huge Jackedman” as an appropriate nickname.

Hunger strikes are fasts. Doctors believe fasting is good for the body. As a Christian, it is hugely important to understanding that fasting on its own is simply an exercise.

“.. by fasting and prayer…” – quote by Jesus Christ

Fasting and prayer is the complete formula. Self-Denial to focus the prayers. A constant remembrance and mindset to dial in your prayers and devotions. It’s like a training camp before a fight for combat athletes. It is the Olympic athlete who forgot what dessert tastes like because they are so locked into their regiment.

But like most things you have the reality and then the sugar-coated, romantic story of fasting.

“The focus of fasting allows one to fully access that which is next in their life. You fast and pray and stuff works out. And you don’t have issues….anymore….ever.” – Quote by me.

From March 1st to March 24th I entered a fast. My fast of choice is commonly known as a “Daniel Fast”. Daniel, as in the same Daniel who hung out with lions overnight was a young man of devotion and prayer. The short of it is that at one point Daniel’s home was conquered, he and his friends were indentured to serve in the conquering kingdom and were being trained to do so. While they were training, Daniel chose not to eat of the “king’s delicacies”. He said he’d rather eat vegetables and drink water and not eat of that good good food his enemy gave him. He wanted to stay pure. That is another topic.

I modified that slightly, removed any extra sugar, no meat, and only things that tasted mostly decent were nutritional supplements like vegetarian protein and some drink supplements. I choose this fast because I am still physically active (I race and plan to set up for charity this year) and need to at least come close to matching my metabolic needs. I made it a point to document at least one major thought per day of the fast, so I have 24 major points and will write about a 3-4 at a time in the future and give my conclusions of the overall experience.

I can say this much as a teaser – Life does not stop when you make a choice to change. In fact, it usually does quite the opposite…..yielding of the universe not so much and your own mind fights your decisions. I will expand on that later in future entries.

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